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Our Practise
Using a client centered approach, we help clients find solutions to a variety of individual or family related problems.  We provide supportive services to families, couples, children, and individuals as needed.

We specialize in a number of life issues including, relationship difficulties, marriage and family issues, depression, substane abuse, codependency, self-esteem issues, co-parenting and anxiety.  With our supportive, solution focused services, we believe you can help you rediscover the strength and joy in all your relationships.

At TCC you will find compassionate, and reliable personalized care.  Our practice prides itself on being empathetic and respectful of each participant's condition and attentive to our clients individual needs.  We seek to be culturally aware, and to be sensitive to the different values traditions, lifestyles and expectations of each client we work with.  Our highly personalized approach is compressed and solution focused, which makes it possible for clients to spend less time in treatment, so they can move on with their life.

TCC wants to help you build strong relationship skills and improve your self-esteem. We also want to help you find success with the most important relationship you will ever have - the relationship you have with yourself.

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