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Our Foundation
We are a proud member of the Centre on Philanthropy.  Through our chairtable foundation, The Counseling Center exists to educate and advocate for families and successful relationships.  As such, our Foundation serves as a resource center by providing funding for services and activities for the promotion of healthy families.

The The Counseling Center Foundation also seeks to promote pro-family ideals, by working with other charities, elected officials, and through our supporters and donors, the foundation provides free workshops and scholarships to marriage and parenting retreats.  The Foundation also underwrites counseling services for individuals and families who are unable to pay for needed services at TCC.
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Ultimately, the goal of the TCC Foundation is to pass on to existing families and future generations the principles of successful relationships so families can leave to their children a successful family legacy. 

The TCC Foundation relies on the generosity of donors and its charitable fundraising activities to fund programs at TCC.  Our Foundation is grateful for our corporate sponsors and volunteers who help us raise financial support.  If you would like to support families through our Foundation, please contact Dr. Ernest Peets Jr for more information. 

We also welcome your input and ideas in developing new interventions, family and school projects, tutoring or group activities that facilitates successful family relationships and life skills for children.